DepEd – Compostela Valley Division

Division Memoranda (Unnumbered)

Date PostedTitleClick to Download
02/23/2018Data Management System Training
02/23/2018Attendance to the Compostela Valley Council of Human Resource Management Practitioners Meeting
02/23/2018Administration of Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) 2019 Field Trial
02/23/2018Writeshop for Student Handbook
02/21/2018Media Forum to Commemorate Civil Registration Month
02/21/2018Region XI Outstanding SPG and SSG Officers and Advisers for the School Year 2017-2018
02/21/2018Proposal of Pipelined / Programmed Activities of MDRRMC on School Disaster Preparedness for the CY 2018 to All Public Elementary and Secondary Schools in LGU-Compostela
02/21/2018Results of Division MTAP Math Challenge Orals
02/21/2018List of Participants to DepEd - MTAP Math Challenge Regional Finals
02/21/2018Composition of Evaluators Re: Search for Best School Heroes
Park (Phase 3)
02/15/2018List of Participants to DepEd - MTAP Math Challenge Regional Finals
02/14/2018Conduct of DRDP Advocacy and Competition Event for the Youth Poster Making (Traditional and Computer-Aided)
02/13/2018Submission of District Banner, Unit Uniform & Pictures of Best District Athlete/s
02/13/2018Orientation to the Implementers of Targeted Public Elementary Schools on the Distribution of Insecticide Treated Screens (ITS)
02/09/20182018 National Festival of Talents (NFOT)
02/09/20182018 National Festival of Talents (NFOT) [Enclosure]
02/08/2018Additional Information on the 2018 Hiring Process of Teacher 1 Positions
02/08/2018DOLE-STANFILCO with KASILAK Development Foundation Ceremonial Turn-over of Books to Recipient Schools
02/08/2018Pre-Service Teachers Prohibition to Conduct Demonstration Teaching to Senior High School Class
02/07/2018Acceptance of Application for the Various Vacant Positions in the Schools Division of Compostela Valley
02/07/20182-Day Live-Out Training on Sports Journalism
02/07/2018Meeting with the National Festival of Talents Qualifiers
02/07/2018Changes in the Bid Opening for the Procurement of Repair of School Buildings Basic Educational Fund (BEFF) CY 2018
02/07/2018Addendum to Division Memorandum Number 2018-01-024 Re: Conduct of Standard First Aid Training (SFAT) for RCY 143 Advisers and School Nurses
02/06/2018Planning and Finalization of the Four (4) Day Division Training Workshop of Kindergarten Teachers on the Development of Competency-Based and Developmentally Appropriate Instructional Materials
02/05/2018National Training of Trainers on Special Education
02/01/2018Re-orientation of the Guidelines on the Weekly Iron Folic Acid (WIFA)
02/01/2018Philippine Red Cross (PRC) Compostela Valley and Department of Education Division of Compostela Valley "My Teacher, My Hero" Project
01/30/2018Composition of the School Personnel Selection Board (PSB) - New Bataan National High School
01/30/2018Members of the Personnel Selection Board, Committee and Secretariat
01/29/2018Seminar-Workshop in Innovative Teaching Mathematics
01/26/2018Addendum on the School Heads Development Program (SHDP) Foundation Course Roll Out (Phase 3)
01/26/2018Conference for All Facilitators: Semi-Workshop Innovative Teaching
01/26/2018Attendance to the Regular Monday Convocation and CID Office Conference
01/24/2018Attendance to the Pre-Bidding & Bidding Conference for the Procurement of Repair of School Buildings Basic Educational Fund (BEFF) CY 2018
01/24/2018Conference: All Facilitators in Competency-Based Assessment for Mathematics
01/23/2018Conduct of the Series of Regional Skill Enhancement Training and Assessment and Trainers Methodology Level 1 Training and Assessment for TLE, STVEP and ALS Teachers of Region XI
01/23/2018Conference of Technical and Medical Staff, Trainers, Mess and Screening Officers of the 2018 DAVRAA Training of Athletes and Coaches
01/19/2018Last Character Education Tenacity Session
01/19/2018Research Institute for Tropical Medicine Study (RITM) - Montevista
01/18/2018Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) 2019 Field Trial
01/18/2018First Quarterly Meeting of the School Youth Formation Core Group
01/18/2018Second Round Ocular Inspection of Public Schools Applying for Establishment, Separation and Conversion into Integrated Schools
01/18/2018Evaluation Team - To Evaluation the Application Documents of TAHDERIYYAH Education Institution Applying for Provisional Permit to Operate SY 2018-2019
01/12/2018Attendance to the Training of Teachers on the Implementation of the Special Science Program