DepEd – Compostela Valley Division

Division Memoranda (Unnumbered)

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05/21/20182018 Brigada Eskwela Launching and Kick Off-Ceremony
05/17/2018CGAP - TWG and RENGCA Meeting
05/10/2018Palaro Evaluation and Planning for the Participation of the DAVRAA in the 2019 Palarong Pambansa
05/10/20182018 Palarong Pambansa "Pasidungog"
05/10/2018Brigada Eskwela Coordination Meeting
05/10/2018Division Personnel Selection Board (PSB)
05/10/2018Establishment of the 2018 DepEd Election Task Force Operation and Monitoring Center in the Central, Regional and Schools Division Offices in Connection with the May 14, 2018 Barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan Elections
05/08/20184th National Career Advocacy Congress
05/08/2018AFS IPP Congress 2018: The Role of Global Citizens in Nation Building
05/08/2018Winners of the 2018 Brigada Eskwela Jingle Making Contest (Regional Level)
05/07/2018Attendance to the Three-Day Capacity Building on Training Design and Session Guide Writing
05/07/2018Composition of Division Performance Management Team (DPMT)
05/07/2018Change of Date RE:Division Selection Committee Meeting
05/04/2018National Training of Trainers (NTOT) on the Enhancement of Pedagogical Skills in Teaching Reading in the Mother Tongue and Bridging Progress for Grade 2 Teachers
05/04/2018Emergency Service Training Course (ESTC)
04/30/201862nd Annual National Council Meeting (ANCM)
04/30/2018Division Selection Committee Meeting
04/27/2018Evaluation and On-Site Validation of Public Schools Applying for Senior High School (New/Level), Kindergarten to Junior High School (JHS), Private Schools Applying for Government Recognition and School Branch for School Year 2018-2019
04/25/2018Sanayguro: The National Teachers Training Program on Arts and Culture for the Special in the Arts
04/25/2018Dance Exchange: The Philippine International Dance Workshop and Festival
04/20/2018Preparation/Training Facilitation Briefing for the 1st Division Level Organizing/Capacitating of ALS Learner Entrepreneurs' Informal Workers' Association
04/20/2018COA Exit Conference
04/20/2018Revised Implementing Guidelines for the DepEd Provident Fund
04/20/2018Validation as to the Readiness of School
04/19/2018Composition of Division Performance Management Team (DPMT)
04/18/2018Corrigendum to the Division Memorandum No. 2018-04-079 PEER Facilitators Training
04/17/2018Planning and Coordination Meeting on Oral Health
04/16/2018Evaluation on Kasikas sa Kapitolyo
04/12/2018Training for Nutrition Coordinator, Canteen Managers and Nurses on the Policy Guidelines on Healthy Food Beverages Choices - DO 13 S. 2017 and Food Safety
04/12/2018Schedule of the Regional Colloquium on the SHDP Project Implementation of School Heads (Batch 2)
04/12/20182018 Palarong Pambansa
04/12/2018Brigada Eskwela sa Marawi Batch 3
04/12/2018Orientation of the National Trainers on K to 10 Training of Teachers
04/11/2018Bayanihan Para Sa Karunungan Summer Reading Camp Summer Big Brother: Reading is Fun!
04/11/2018Orientation/Training on Gulayan sa Paaralan (GPP) for SY 2018-2019
04/11/2018Participation to Palarong Pambansa as Decorators of Gallery of Best Practices
04/11/2018Short Conference
04/10/2018DEXECOM Meeting
04/10/2018Conduct of 1st Quarter Learning Action Cell (LAC) for ALS Instructional Managers/Literacy Volunteers of 11 Districts
04/10/2018Nurses Monthly Meeting
04/05/2018Submission of Adopt-A-School (ASP) Program Quarterly Report
04/04/2018Job Opportunities from Bachelor Express, Inc.
04/04/2018Job Opportunities from Bachelor Express, Inc. - Enclosure 1
04/04/2018Job Opportunities from Bachelor Express, Inc. - Enclosure 2
04/04/2018Job Opportunities from Bachelor Express, Inc. - Enclosure 3
04/04/2018Conference on STARBOOKS Implementation
04/04/2018Government Association of Certified Public Accountants (GACPA)-Update Seminar
03/27/2018Professional Enhancement for the Teachers of the Project Eagle Pilot School Implementers
03/27/2018Participation to the 3rd International Congress on Action Research, Action Learning (ARAL)
03/27/2018Attendance to the 5th Regional Conference of the Council of Human Resource Management Practitioners (CHRMP) of Region XI
03/27/2018Attendance to the 2018 Research Proposals Evaluation
03/26/2018JUAN KONEK - Free WI-FI Internet Access in Public Places Project Frequently
03/23/2018Regionwide Training on Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Services (MHPSS)- School Mental Health
03/22/2018In-House Training of the Davao Regional Athletic Association (DAVRAA) Qualified Athletes, Coaches and Chaperones to the 2018 Palarong Pambansa
03/21/2018Schedule of LandBank ATM Card Replacement
03/19/2018Guidelines on the Utilization of 2018 Funds for the Survey and Titling of Donated School Sites and Registration of Special Patents Transmitted to the Register of Deeds
03/19/2018Training on Nutrition Program Management and Planning Workshop
03/15/2018Final Proof Reading of the Division Research Caravan Module
03/15/2018Finalization of the Division Research Titled "Foundational Skills Analysis of the SBB Learners"
03/15/2018Technical Working Group / Packaging Team on CSC Honor Awarding Program
03/13/2018Insecticide Treated Screen (ITS) Orientation
03/13/20181st National Peer Educator's Summit and 3rd Annual Adolescent Health and Development (AHD) Film Festival
03/13/2018Implementation of Grade 11 Career Guidance Program (CPG) for School Year 2017-2018
03/13/20181st National Peer Educator's Summit and 3rd Annual Adolescent Health and Development (AHD) Film Festival
03/13/2018Attendance to the Pre-Bidding & Bidding Conference for the Procurement of CY 2018 Conservation and Restoration of Gabaldon and Other Heritage Building Batch 1
03/13/2018Attendance to the Pre-Bidding & Bidding Conference for the Procurement if CY 2018 Basic Educational Facilities Fund (BEFF) Electrification of Un Energized Schools and Modernization of Electric Systems of Grid Schools - Batch 1
03/10/2018Special Conference
03/09/2018Division PRAISE Committee and Packaging Team Meeting
03/09/2018Cluster Conference on 2018 Budget Execution and 2019 Budget Preparation Under the Office of the Undersecretary for Administration
03/09/2018Day 5 of the 20th Founding Anniversary and 11th Bulawan Festival Celebration
03/09/2018Implementing Guidelines on the Utilization of Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses Allocation of Senior High Schools
03/06/2018Conference of DepEd Region XI and Department of Budget and Management Region XI Full-Time Delivery Unit (FDU)
03/06/2018Schools Without MOOE Request from January 2018 to Present
03/06/2018First Aid Team During the 11th Bulawan Festival
03/06/2018Guidelines on the Issuance of Special Order (S.O.) for Graduation in Private Senior High School Program
03/06/2018Attendance to Women's Day Celebration During the Bulawan Festival
03/06/2018National Drug Education Program - Authorized Specimen Collectors Orientation
03/06/2018Participation to Bulawan Festival
03/02/2018Addendum to Division Memorandum No. 2018-02-100 Re: Guidelines 16th 143 Camp Solferino: Leadership Summit & First Aid Olympic
03/02/2018Bulawan Fun Run 2018
03/02/2018Participatory Workshop and Coordination Meeting of Division / School DRRM Coordinators among the DepEd Partner Schools of Save the Children in Division of Compostela Valley and Surigao del Sur
03/02/2018Authorization to Claim / Pickup Disaster Risk Reduction Equipment and to Sign the Invoice of Property (IRP) for the Division Office
03/01/2018Attendance to the Leave Administration Course for Effectiveness (LACE)
02/28/2018Map Showing the Distance of Nearest Public School to IP Learning Center
02/28/2018Anti-Illegal Drug Education Program (Preventive Drug Education Program)
02/27/2018Monthly Meeting of Nurses (Elementary and Secondary)
02/27/2018Special Conference
02/27/2018District / School SPED Coordinators' Conference
02/27/2018Last Character Education Tenacity Session
02/23/2018Data Management System Training
02/23/2018Attendance to the Compostela Valley Council of Human Resource Management Practitioners Meeting
02/23/2018Administration of Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) 2019 Field Trial
02/23/2018Writeshop for Student Handbook
02/21/2018Media Forum to Commemorate Civil Registration Month
02/21/2018Region XI Outstanding SPG and SSG Officers and Advisers for the School Year 2017-2018
02/21/2018Proposal of Pipelined / Programmed Activities of MDRRMC on School Disaster Preparedness for the CY 2018 to All Public Elementary and Secondary Schools in LGU-Compostela
02/21/2018Results of Division MTAP Math Challenge Orals
02/21/2018List of Participants to DepEd - MTAP Math Challenge Regional Finals
02/21/2018Composition of Evaluators Re: Search for Best School Heroes
Park (Phase 3)
02/15/2018List of Participants to DepEd - MTAP Math Challenge Regional Finals
02/14/2018Conduct of DRDP Advocacy and Competition Event for the Youth Poster Making (Traditional and Computer-Aided)
02/13/2018Submission of District Banner, Unit Uniform & Pictures of Best District Athlete/s
02/13/2018Orientation to the Implementers of Targeted Public Elementary Schools on the Distribution of Insecticide Treated Screens (ITS)
02/09/20182018 National Festival of Talents (NFOT)
02/09/20182018 National Festival of Talents (NFOT) [Enclosure]
02/08/2018Additional Information on the 2018 Hiring Process of Teacher 1 Positions
02/08/2018DOLE-STANFILCO with KASILAK Development Foundation Ceremonial Turn-over of Books to Recipient Schools
02/08/2018Pre-Service Teachers Prohibition to Conduct Demonstration Teaching to Senior High School Class
02/07/2018Acceptance of Application for the Various Vacant Positions in the Schools Division of Compostela Valley
02/07/20182-Day Live-Out Training on Sports Journalism
02/07/2018Meeting with the National Festival of Talents Qualifiers
02/07/2018Changes in the Bid Opening for the Procurement of Repair of School Buildings Basic Educational Fund (BEFF) CY 2018
02/07/2018Addendum to Division Memorandum Number 2018-01-024 Re: Conduct of Standard First Aid Training (SFAT) for RCY 143 Advisers and School Nurses
02/06/2018Planning and Finalization of the Four (4) Day Division Training Workshop of Kindergarten Teachers on the Development of Competency-Based and Developmentally Appropriate Instructional Materials
02/05/2018National Training of Trainers on Special Education
02/01/2018Re-orientation of the Guidelines on the Weekly Iron Folic Acid (WIFA)
02/01/2018Philippine Red Cross (PRC) Compostela Valley and Department of Education Division of Compostela Valley "My Teacher, My Hero" Project
01/30/2018Composition of the School Personnel Selection Board (PSB) - New Bataan National High School
01/30/2018Members of the Personnel Selection Board, Committee and Secretariat
01/29/2018Seminar-Workshop in Innovative Teaching Mathematics
01/26/2018Addendum on the School Heads Development Program (SHDP) Foundation Course Roll Out (Phase 3)
01/26/2018Conference for All Facilitators: Semi-Workshop Innovative Teaching
01/26/2018Attendance to the Regular Monday Convocation and CID Office Conference
01/24/2018Attendance to the Pre-Bidding & Bidding Conference for the Procurement of Repair of School Buildings Basic Educational Fund (BEFF) CY 2018
01/24/2018Conference: All Facilitators in Competency-Based Assessment for Mathematics
01/23/2018Conduct of the Series of Regional Skill Enhancement Training and Assessment and Trainers Methodology Level 1 Training and Assessment for TLE, STVEP and ALS Teachers of Region XI
01/23/2018Conference of Technical and Medical Staff, Trainers, Mess and Screening Officers of the 2018 DAVRAA Training of Athletes and Coaches
01/19/2018Last Character Education Tenacity Session
01/19/2018Research Institute for Tropical Medicine Study (RITM) - Montevista
01/18/2018Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) 2019 Field Trial
01/18/2018First Quarterly Meeting of the School Youth Formation Core Group
01/18/2018Second Round Ocular Inspection of Public Schools Applying for Establishment, Separation and Conversion into Integrated Schools
01/18/2018Evaluation Team - To Evaluation the Application Documents of TAHDERIYYAH Education Institution Applying for Provisional Permit to Operate SY 2018-2019Composition of Division Performance Management Team (DPMT)
01/12/2018Attendance to the Training of Teachers on the Implementation of the Special Science Program